So the tomatoes and peppers we started from seed have come to a screeching halt in their development.  They aren’t dead, just stopped growing, so we decided to purchase some plants and put them in the ground, because as much as we wanted this to work and say we did it from seeds, we want peppers and tomatoes more….not giving up on the seeds, though. We’ll keep you posted.

We were able to find heirloom varieties of romas, rutgers tomatoes and bell peppers.  The plants make the garden look complete as you can see all the other veggies from seed are growing like crazy!

Limas, peas, cukes

This bed has lima beans, in the center, cukes on the right and left borders and peas up front.  I also planted the seeds starters of some of the herbs just to see how it goes.  You will never know unless you try right?  The fevervew and the yarrow went in this morning and even if they don’t produce this year, we know what happened to the feverfew last year!

Okra and marigolds

Okra and marigolds are doing well also but might have gotten a bit too much water with the rain we’ve had.  Some of the leaves are turning yellow, but overall they look great.  The marigolds are holding their own in spite of a serious slug infestation.  After picking at least 20 slugs off the marigolds last week, I have not seen any more and even the yellow marigolds are starting to bloom again on one of the other beds.  I guess that’s their sacrifice for the rest of the veggies.

Green beans

Here are the green beans (see below), also planted form seed.  After yesterday’s breakfast of scrambled eggs, etc., I put the eggshells in the beds, just smashed up.  They help with the slug situation as well.

There isn’t a picture but I also got ambitious and bought a couple of blueberry bushes.  They are in a large pot as we need to keep them mobile for now.  Also on the lookout for some elderberry bushes as well.  I would love to make some elderberry syrup this fall!  The new moon is a great time for planting your above ground crops, so don’t think it’s too late!  After the full moon, we’ll plant the rest of the carrots, too.