Balance is not static. It is a constant endeavor of moving between two extremes, back and forth, ultimately achieving balance when the distance between two extremes is not that far apart, and we can move easily and effortlessly between the two.

When The Life of Balance was first conceived, its primary message was overall life balance that included physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It provided services in bodywork, which is ever evolving and growing through the addition of new techniques and modalities, teaching classes in yoga, etc., the use of essential oils in custom blends and in massage and reflexology, then herbs and gardening, among other things. Over time, however, it has become necessary to evaluate all the moving parts and determine if balance is still being achieved.

While nothing is being eliminated, The Life of Balance will remain a parent entity encouraging balance through yoga and bodywork with the goal that our clients will enjoy the subsequent physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of these services.  Very soon, we will be introducing to The Life of Balance a separate entity that will deal specifically with plants, herbal preparations, essential oils and their uses in everyday life. Stay tuned…