What dreams may come…

December 11, 2012

So I had this dream last night and I am working it out on paper.  But first,…

I believe in several different kinds of dreams.  There’s the kind where your brain takes out the garbage and has no real purpose other than to create a situation for your subconscious to make sense out of day to day things.  There’s the kind where subtleties reveal issues in your life which need to be dealt with.  There’s also the kind where God Himself is telling you something you need to do, say, undo, let go of, prepare for, etc., and it is usually accompanied by a prayer or a spiritual element within the dream (for me, it is calling on Jesus).  It’s not something to live your life by, but I believe strongly that our dreams are relevant and worthy of our attention. God uses dreams all the time.   It is also important to acknowledge events happening within your life, changes you are making, and the relationships in your life, etc.

I’ve had recurring dreams as most of us do, lucid dreams where I figured out how to control the direction of my dreams, and I have a recurring figure who shows up in dreams from which I am to draw lessons.   Last night, my recurring figure showed up after months and months of absence.  For the longest time, I thought these dreams were more about the mysterious figure in the dream, and, at one time, I attempted to determine their role instead of the message they were bringing.  So let’s see, last night’s dream was about receiving a phone call from this figure.  They called to say they were thinking of having an OPERATION to control hyper-hydrosis (profuse SWEATing).  The condition was at times “DISGUSTing.”  Then the call was CUT OFF, and I could not make out the entire number on caller ID to call back.  I reached out to a mutual acquaintance, a TEACHER, who said that giving the number to me would meet with DISAPPROVAL.  The person never called me back either.

According to my sources, the words in bold mean the following:

Phone call = specific person you need to deal with…Operation = cutting something or someone out of your life.  Sweat = cleansing or anxiety.  Disgust = something unacknowledged or fear of confrontation.  Cut off = something or someone needs to be cut out, or you are taking steps to cut out, (again).  Incomplete (number) = gain independence. Teacher= disapproval.

Seems logical to me.  The person on the other end of the phone always shows up in dreams where the theme is PERSONAL POWER.  Lately, I am consciously taking steps to make my own voice heard in personal and professional circumstances to a degree I never have before.   When making these kinds of changes, of course it is going to produce a certain level of discomfort and anxiety until we get the hang of new beliefs and behaviors.  I am definitely speaking my mind, letting go of anger that doesn’t belong to me, and not participating in other people’s drama.  I am grateful for these dreams and embrace their meanings.  I am also grateful for the mysteries of God, which He reveals through so many delightful vehicles.  Life is but a dream….

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