Garden 2012 – Update

June 26, 2012

Garden June 2012

June 19, 2012

So it’s been about three weeks since our last update. (Vacation and work are both very good things!)  As you can see, everything is coming up beautifully.  The nasturtiums have their first blooms.  Not only are they deterrents for pests, but can be eaten in salads (flowers, too) and have been used medicinally as a treatment for flu.  The green beans are doing wonderfully though they are a popular ground for slugs.  Keeping slug traps does help, however, slug hunting can be a relaxing and satisfying meditation….just sayin’.

With all the rain we had over the last few weeks, the okra has been a little water-logged.  Still growing, just not as quickly.  I added an organic fertilizer this past weekend.  Holding off on watering for the time being.  Ground squirrels are afoot and so a product called “Repels-All” seems to have had a positive effect.  It’s the most foul-smelling albeit natural, organic product I have ever used.  It is supposed to deter all kinds of critters like rabbits, dear, etc.  So far so good  (and so stinky!)

Our experimental pepper/tomato bed is doing great as well.  We have romas, mountain pride, and box car willies.  The romas and mountain pride are the most prolific. So much so that I have taken several suckers from them and stuck them in the ground and fertilized.   They are quite happy.  I’ll let you know if they bloom. The tomatoes and peppers we started from seed have also begun to show more signs of life.  I added organic fertilizer to them and even though they aren’t as big as the purchased plants, I believe we may see some blooms before long.

Peppers and tomatoes

The cucumbers on both rows have caught up to one another and are blooming as well.  The limas have taken to the poles we put out, and we officially have peas.  Probably another week and we will have our first harvest.  The nasturtiums in these beds have not bloomed yet, but they don’t get as much sun as the others in the green bean bed.  The peas and bean bed has required the least attention in terms of fertilizer and have not shown signs of too much water.

Cucumbers in bloom

Oh, I also took some cuttings from an oregano plant I have on the screen porch, set them in a small bud vase until they sprouted roots and stuck them in the ground with the cucumbers and beans. Very happy so far!  Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Oregano from clippings

Our squash barrels are doing great.  I had to put some slug traps in them  and that has worked well.  Moving them to a sunnier location was what the doctor ordered.

The most exciting thing to me so far has been the survival and growth of the herbs planted from seed.  We truly thought they were goners, but the lavender, holy basil, sweet basil, purple basil, yarrow, cilantro, feverfew (this year’s) have definitely turned a corner and show more growth every day.  Wahoo!  I did add some of the organic fertilizer and they ate it up!

All the eggplants are happy and have pretty lavender blooms on them.  Looking forward to some roasted veggie dip with those!

Eggplants in bloom

The main tomato bed is not getting as much sun as needed.  It seems the pear tree is shading it part of the day.  We’ll probably prune it this weekend and see what happens.