Garden 2012 – Sprouts!

May 14, 2012

Garden 2012

So all I will say is HOLY SPROUT! the pictures included are all of things we planted either one week ago Sunday (8 days ago) or Tuesday (6 days ago).  As most of you know, we’ve had a significant amount of rain and the seeds LOVED IT!

Greens beans 6 days old

The green beans were planted on Sunday in the mid to late afternoon.  They grew so ferociously they even turned over one of the glass slug traps we had.

Nasturtiums 2 weeks

The Nasturtiums, which we planted to deter squash bugs and other pests, shot up immediately (planted about two weeks ago) and are very happy in their cinder block homes.  The ones we planted in barrels with the squash have not come up yet but were planted just one week ago.

Peas after 6 days

We planted peas on Tuesday evening.  This is Monday morning and this is what they’re up to.

Cucumbers and lima beans

The peas are in the same bed as the cucumbers (long row starting at top left corner of this pic) and the lima beans (center).

Missing yellow marigolds

This morning, I noticed many of the marigolds had been eaten by something, flower, leaves and all.  Notice a pattern?  They only ate the yellow ones which were planted in every other hole…  Sticking with orange next year and I suppose tomorrow I will plant orange ones where the yellows once stood.

On Friday, (5/11) I reseeded box car willies and some Brandywine tomatoes where there are none in the original seed pots.  Also added a fwe seeds to the pots growing bell peppers.

The carrots I planted in the pepper bed have gone wild and I think every seed has produced a sprout.  I figured I would cover the soil with them and thin them out later.  Happy Monday everyone!

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