Weighing in…

February 23, 2009

Introduction? Ok, welcome to my blog…The Life of Balance.  I suppose it was odd to pick a business and subsequent blog name after a phenomenon that only happens in a nanosecond as we pass from one extreme to another.  The goal of balance therefore is never actually achieved…not for long…  One can only attempt to make the extremes a little closer in order to make it appear something more like balance.

The universe is in a constant state of expansion or contraction as is everything in it.  The planet and its four seasons are a beautiful example of expansion and contraction.  Our bodies and minds even follow suit.  The beauty of balance is found when we can ride the wave of time as though fate were in charge with the knowledge that we can change direction and therefore our destiny at a moment’s notice.  God designed it that way.  Oh, if you don’t like reading about God-stuff, this blog is not for you.  He’ll be making appearances frequently.

This blog isn’t about God though…it’s about balance.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance…To pay attention to one and ignore the others defeats balance.  So it has been my goal and will continue to be to help others while figuring out for myself how to achieve a Life of Balance.  Feel free to weigh in yourself.